Utilizing virtual reality as an educational tool

Solving some top learning and development challenges in a whole new way.



benefits of integrating virtual reality

Learn more about how VR enables trainers and educators to better teach their students in the classroom and beyond.


Virtual reality training, created by accomplished developers, augments and elevates existing training while providing simulations that capture the features of real tasks and environments. The end result is learning by doing that rests on a foundation of integrated, solid knowledge.


Immersive learning is engaging by design, requiring the learner to interact with an environment that is fun, interesting, and captivating by nature… students can’t look at their phones or neighbors while in a VR headset. New generations of workers have grown up with digital games and media. VR technology serves this population perfectly while also being easy to use by older generations. 


What would normally be dangerous and costly mistakes in real life, can be made in VR without consequence. Learners have the freedom to fail and can practice to perfection. We learn from our mistakes. Seeing the simulated, yet safe, consequences of bad decisions teaches lessons that can truly be taught without learning “the hard way”.


Essential in today’s world is the ability to learn remotely. Virtual and augmented reality can be utilized in the home, office, classroom, or just about anywhere. The very best immersive learning leverages network communications technology to enable remote or group training as well as status monitoring and reporting from any location with an internet connection.


Never before has performance been measurable to the degree that virtual reality is capable of. In addition to the traditional psychometrics provided by computer based training, such as time and accuracy, VR can track physical motion to gage everything from safety awareness to operating equipment effectively and efficiently.


Virtual reality improves recall and increases focus by providing an enjoyable and engaging space where students have a presence, a sense of self in the environment, by actually feeling like they are there and doing the work.  


Traditional training taught by different instructors can vary in quality. Once high quality, interactive training is created and top knowledge is captured, then every student has the same experience and opportunity to learn from the best. 

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      VR and Robotics Team Up to Heal  •  From NIH Grant to Primary Care and Neurorehabilitation  •  Virtual reality tricks the brain into believing we are somewhere else. That other place can be anything we can imagine, like a fantasy world where we are warriors that...

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