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From the Future is a premiere independent VR (Virtual Reality) development studio. We create custom, next generation VR applications that bring the real world to a VR world with unlimited possibilities for training, education, sales, therapy, and more. 

From the Future harnesses the power of virtual reality to improve safety and increase learning performance. FTF’s proprietary VR (Virtual Reality) software is a complete training ecosystem that facilitates the fast conversion of training slides, documents, and recreates full scale equipment for realtime interaction within the VR environment for classroom training. A trainer can manage 20 or more students at a time for real-world classroom needs. The software can support multiple users in the same VR world for group training in either coexisting or remote locations. The VR training data is tracked and stored in the cloud. The built-in quantum ledger can authenticate and track results or the system can be customized to work with the LMS (Learning Management System) of your choice.

Our team has established the new standard in industrial training and eLearning by applying our unique insight of virtual environments to real world safety training.

From the Future is comprised of industry veterans with decades of experience designing and creating virtual worlds, applications and extended reality experiences. We have been involved in pioneering VR applications for the launch of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR systems.

Through the expertise we provide, our clients are able to achieve increased efficiencies, higher ROI’s, and greater overall performance. The future of training is VR. Make virtual reality your new reality.

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How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize
Training and Education

New eBook is now available!

Virtual reality will revolutionize how we learn. This bold and exciting statement is at the heart of the book "How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize Training and Education". While many people have heard of VR, few truly understand how profound the technology will be when it comes to how we learn. In this book, Christian goes into detail about the potential impact of immersive learning from the digitization of formal approaches to education, such as learning by doing, to gifting students and instructors with virtual superpowers. Christian draws on decades of experience creating virtual worlds and developing VR applications for training, therapy, and rehabilitation to clearly communicate the potential of this new medium. You will not only learn how VR will enhance training and education but also how it might hold the key to developing heightened intelligence on the level of geniuses such as Richard Feynman.
We are offering this new publication to the world on multiple platforms, including, Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Audio Book, and Digital HTML. You can reserve your copy of his insightful manuscript for FREE by clicking the button below.

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FTF's Justin Mullin Named VR/AR Association Dallas Chapter President

From The Future is a proud member of the VR/AR Association, an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and brands in the VR and AR ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education. With local chapters all over the world, The VR/AR Association is quickly becoming the most relied upon resource for all things VR and AR.
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From The Future, LLC Selected as Winner

Dallas Business Journal and BBVA have teamed up to find the next great idea. From The Future is privileged to be selected as the winner in the Entrepreneurial Opportunity Contest hosted by DBJ and BBVA.

Virtual Reality Impact

Virtual Reality: 4x Faster Than Classroom

In a recent study by PWC, VR training proved to be much more effective in keeping trainees engaged, completing training faster, and retaining the knowledge after completion of the training.

Click Here to read the details of the study

US Dept of Labor, states that 2018 Training Errors cost US economy $250 billion.

Leveraging training budgets to for VR training development will reduce training errors and increase the reliability of earnings.

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Mike Christian

CEO, Co-founder of From The Future
20+ years in software development and VR, Oklahoma St., B.S. Computer Science and Agricultural Economics

Stephen Hess

CTO, Co-founder of From The Future
20+ years in software development and VR, UT Arlington, B.S. Computer Science Engineering.

Mark Talkington

20+ years in operations, finance, marketing leadership at Omnicom, Stanford, B.S Mechanical Engineering, UCLA, MBA.

Justin Mullin

VP, Business Development
20+ years as senior sales leader across multiple industries, 360 Video Development.

Joey Bryant

Creative Director, Co-founder
20+ years in 3D modeling, animation, and visual design, The Art Institute of Dallas.

Kyle Rives

Director of Visual Ops, Co-founder
20+ years in 3D modeling, animation, and visual design, The Art Institute of Dallas.

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